Online Social Studies & History Games & Activities

Below is a collection of links I've been acquiring for a good while, all for games and activities that in some way teach or reinforce social studies or history. I tested all of these sites before including them, so they should work. If any link is down, please let me know.

Games suitable for two players or more are marked with this icon: The icon comes from this page and is under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Note that this page is best viewed with Firefox. Internet Explorer does not follow the rules properly and may display things oddly.

Passion Fashion Dress Rosie up in various costumes worn around the world and listen to the voice read about each costume or person. Then mix and match to dress up Rosie as you want.
Who Is That? Given a portrait of a famous person and one or more clues, click on the correct name of the person. You can choose to identify either US presidents or famous scientists and mathematicians.

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