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Below is a collection of links I've been acquiring for a good while, sorted by the science topic the games or activities are in. I tested all of these sites before including them, so they should work. If any link is down, please let me know.

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Animals & Plants
Health & The Human Body Physical Science

Animal Classification Game Classify animals and win stars by selecting the correct category (mammal, reptile, insect, etc.).
Identify Butterfly Life Cycle Stages Drag and drop the names for the different life cycle stages of a butterfly onto the picture of the correct stage.
Identify Frog Life Cycle Stages Drag and drop the names for the different life cycle stages of a frog onto the picture of the correct stage.
MARE's Build-a-Fish Choose an ocean habitat, select body parts and coloration for your fish, and check if it'll survive with the Survive-o-meter.
PEACHES Ladybugs Save the Roses Save the rose by dragging and dropping the ladybug onto each aphid.
Time for Bed? Choose which needs more sleep, the kid or the animal.

Rosie's Heart Connect the dolphins to Rosie's heart by following the proper order. The Earth figure will give you tips to help you if you click on it.
The Footprint Game Find out what your footprint on earth is by answering some questions about how you live, eat, and go to school.
Trombone's Clean Up The Park Help Sir Trombone keep his environment clean by putting the different types of litter into the correct recycle bins.

All Systems Go Help Arnold get all his organs put back into place by doing one system at a time. If you choose an organ that doesn't belong in the system, you will lose all the organs and have to begin again!
Food Flight Holiday Edition Feed the snowman only healthy snacks and rack up the right amount of calories for a day.
FOSS Human Body Drag and drop the bones of the human body to get them to the right place. The head is locked in place for you to start with.
Mission Nutrition Poke around a kitchen as you answer questions about what nutrition various foods have.
MyPyramid Blast Off Game Choose from various options to fuel up for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Add 60 minutes of physical activities to complete your fuel. Then blast off and see if you make it to Planet Power.
Pumpkin-O-Meter Are you curious how many calories your favorite candies have? Drag candies onto the pumpkin to see how quickly different types of candy use up the amount of calories in a day that you should be filling with healthy food.

Double Fun Match Memory Find all the matching pairs of cards to win. Choose from periodic table symbols, European flags, clocks & time, and fractions & decimals. You can also control difficulty level.
FOSS Blasto the Cannonball Explore variables such as mass, size, angle, wind direction, and wind speed as you launch a human cannonball.
GEMS Alien Juice Bar Learn about acids, bases, and neutrals as you set up a juice bar for aliens and serve your customers what they want.
Guess the Color Mix different colors of light to make the same color shown. Since light does not mix the same way as colors of ink, this is a bit tricky! There are three levels of difficulty available.
HOU Space Racer Learn about the solar system by racing through it, starting from the sun. Land on each planet to refuel and read about that planet. Hitting space debris will cause you to lose gas faster, and the space police will have to come rescue you!
Order Me Around Put four things in order, from weights of objects to geographical locations of cities to alphabetizing words. Choose from geography, science, or alphabetizing, or do a super challenge with all three mixed together.
Plate Tectonics Sim Explore plate tectonics by shifting plates.
Proton Don Match element names and symbols through one of two games. Either click on a symbol given a name, or type in the element name given the symbol (spelling matters!).
Save Sam! Save Sam from dangerous things in the house by going through three rooms and fixing the problems. Para jugar en español, haz clic aquí.
SEPUP's Car Comparison Choose several key features for two cars that will affect how far they will go on a gallon of gas, how safe they will be, and how much pollution they will make, then run them on a test track to see how well they do.
The Space Hopper Game Given a constellation and background information, identify the constellation either through clicking on the name or typing in the name.
Weather Dog Choose the missing weather word to complete each sentence. You can choose from three difficulty levels.

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