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Below is a collection of links I've been acquiring for a good while, sorted by the topic the games or activities are in. I tested all of these sites before including them, so they should work. If any link is down, please let me know.

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Other Topics

ABC Order Find the letter of the alphabet that comes next. The letters are listed in order down below so kids can check, and the instructions are read out loud.
Alphabet Action Click on a letter to hear it said and to see a picture of something that starts with that sound.
Rats! Letters Help Rusty the Rat catch the good letters and avoid the bad letters!

Bunny Count Practice counting by counting and matching bunnies or numbers. Choose from three levels of difficulty for each game type.
Count Your Chickens Practice counting by counting chickens. The instructions are read out loud.
Counting Game Practice counting by counting the objects and win stars for each correct answer. There is no time limit. You can control settings such as the minimum and maximum number, the object to count (there's a lot of options!), the number of problems, and the input method for answering.
Number Train Learn the numbers from 1-10 by putting together a number train and looking at the contents of the boxcars. The instructions and information are read out loud.
Rats! Numbers Help Rusty the Rat catch the good numbers and avoid the bad numbers!
The Counting Game Choose the number to count by, then count as fast as you can by finding the next number from the numbers on the panel. You can earn more points by choosing higher numbers to count by. A timer counts down, so you'll need to hurry!

Connect the Dots Connect the dots to create a picture. You can choose whether the dots are labeled to count by 1s, 5s, or backwards, or you can have them be labeled in alphabetical order, with missing letters, or in reverse alphabetical order.
Number Word Matching Game Match four numbers with their names.
Oddball Choose the one picture out of the four that is different. You can pick whether you see animals, shapes, or machines.
Rats! Colors Help Rusty the Rat catch the good colors and avoid the bad colors!
Rats! Lower Case and Upper Case Letters Help Rusty the Rat catch the lower case or upper case letters, depending on which he needs.
Rats! Shapes Help Rusty the Rat catch the good shapes and avoid the bad shapes!
Sets - Animals Choose the animal that doesn't fit in the set.
Sets - Shapes Choose the shape that doesn't fit in the set.
Time Works Put all the numbers on the clock in the correct positions.

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