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This page is a collection of educational websites that may be useful to students studying various topics. I tested all of these sites before including them, so they should work. If any link is down, please let me know.
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Art & Music
English - Grammar & Writing
Foreign Languages
Reference Sources & Information
Social Studies, History, & Geography
The Grab Bag

These websites are all about art and music.

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These websites are about English grammar and writing.

Poetry for Kids This site is all about poetry. There's a rhyming dictionary if you need just the right rhyme, there's help for writing poetry, and even poetry games.

These websites are about foreign languages.

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These websites are about math.

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These are all good websites for reference information.

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These websites are about different topics in science.

A-Z Illnesses This site has a lot of illnesses explained so primary students can understand it.
British Red Cross - First Aid Explore this first aid center and learn about what first aid is, how to stay safe, and what to do in an emergency, including how to help save lives. (Designed for children in the UK.)
Kids' Health This website has a ton of information on health and the human body. Find out how different body parts work, what you should eat, and learn about different diseases. You can even watch videos on things such as special doctor visits!
US Kids Magazines - Q&A This section of the US Kids Magazines website focuses on questions & answers, mostly about the human body and health.

What Are Structures? This website tells about structures, from homes to buildings to even animals!

All About Mammals The title is misleading, but it does give a basic introduction to mammals, including some neat facts about mammals. - Field Guide to Mammals This section of the website organizes all the mammals by the different orders, under the common name rather than scientific, which lets non-scientists explore the site easier.
Yahoo! Kids Animals - Mammals This page has information on a list of mammals. Watch out for the orders, though--some are lumped together and are not completely accurate.

Spiders for Kids This website has information about all sorts of spiders, including illustrations and photographs. They also have spider quizzes and vocabulary.

These websites are about different topics in social studies, including parts of history and geography.

A Code of Chivalry This page lists all the aspects of the code of chivalry that could be found.
A Medieval Wedding This site has just about any information having to do with castles.
Castle Learning Center This site has just about any information having to do with castles.
Code of Chivalry This is a modern adaptation of the old code of chivalry.
Interactives - Middle Ages This site lets you look at various aspects of medieval life. Each section has a brief summary, with a link to more information on that section if you're interested. It covers everything from religion to homes, from clothing to arts and entertainment.
Medieval Guilds This page explains lots of things about medieval guilds--the types of guilds, what they did, etc.
Marriage in the Medieval Ages This site has several pages of information on medieval weddings.
Tales of the Middle Ages - Food and Drink This page has much on the food and drink of the Middle Ages, accompanied by scanned manuscript illustrations.

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This is a "grab bag" of various websites for kids, with content from general information to homework help.

Fact Monster From Information Please, this site has facts about the world, sports, US, people, entertainment & pop culture, science, math & money, and language & literature. There's also homework help and games & quizzes.

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