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Below is a collection of links I've been acquiring for a good while, sorted by the type of resources they have to offer, rather than the subject area the resources are in (many sites have a combination of many subjects). I tested all of these sites before including them, so they should work. If any link is down, please let me know.
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The links below relate to education in some way. Some have journal articles, some have state standards, etc.

Classroom Management Page with lots of ideas relating to classroom management, also some recommended supply lists.
CURE Washington - Citizens United for Responsible Education An awareness site designed to alert people to the shoddy state of education in Washington State. They have various articles, pamphlets, as well as resources for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.
EALRs and GREs for Washington State Website for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, containing Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements and Grade Level Expectations.
ERIC Digests Access to ERIC Digests - thousands of free education articles on countless education-related topics.

The links below have a variety of curricula offered.

A-Squared Curriculum Overview A back-to-basics curriculum with instruction in phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literature, arithmetic, history, economics, mythology, and rhetoric.
An Old-Fashioned Education A directory of free curricula for homeschooling, using free materials on websites and public domain texts; the books are specified for kindergarten through twelfth grade.
EPIC Adventure A curriculum that involves inquiry-based themed curricula for different years as desired. For now it's just for older students, but they're planning on expanding to create EPIC Adventures for younger children as well.

The links below have free lesson plans or information on instruction strategies.

Instructional Strategies Online A site with various types of instructional strategies, including example lessons of each.
Lesson Plans Page Over 3500 lesson plans, searchable and sorted by subject area.
Literacy Centers A teacher gives a collection of downloadable plans she used for literacy centers in her classroom.
PAT Bank A bank of PAT ideas that teachers can use in their classrooms.
RubiStar Allows teachers to create, save, and edit rubrics online. Registration is free, but required in order to save or edit them online.
Science Kit List of activities that teachers can do for lessons.
Teachers.Net Over 4000 lesson plans and classroom ideas, searchable and sorted by subject area and grade level.
The Teacher's Desk Over 150 lesson plans for 5th and 6th grade in the areas of Spelling, Writing, English, Reading, and Vocabulary, with some miscellaneous ones thrown in.
Web-Based Projects These webquests, produced by teachers-to-be fulfilling requirements at the University of Richmond, provide a database of free webquests from elementary to secondary for teachers to use. Webquests are grouped by level and subject.
Writing Inquiry-Oriented Student Performance Objectives An online lesson on how to properly write performance-based objectives for students.

The links below have a variety of educational resources, from lesson plans to online activities to printable materials.

A to Z Home's Cool A site full of articles, links to activities, lesson plan ideas, and much more, geared to homeschoolers.
Family Education This site has a large collection of activities, some printables, and games parents can play with their children.
Homeschool Activities This site has a large collection of a variety of worksheets and lessons, as well as miscellaneous activities.
HS Treasures Resource Page A collection of links for homeschoolers, with everything from diplomas to practice standardized tests to planning the course of study.
InstructorWeb This is a massive site with links to all sorts of educational websites with online activities and more.
K12Station This site has over 20,000 web-based resources for K-12 students, teachers, and parents.
MLPP Michigan Literacy Progress Profile - contains printable assessments for teachers to use.
Nearly Free Homeschooling This site endeavors to collect links to heaps of free resources on nearly every subject you might encounter homeschooling, from online explanations and quizzes to printable worksheets.
Sites for Teachers A website with a massive collection of links to sites for teachers.
Teacher A site with educational clipart, lesson plan ideas, and other education-related resources.
Teacher Freebies collection of links to freebies for teachers. Most require some form of mailing or e-mailing a request to be sent free materials.
The Robinson Curriculum - Free Resource Page A page with many links to resources used for the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum and more.
UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library This site has about 3000 images of basic vocabulary useful for low-level language teaching..
Websites for the Primary Grades A webpage with many links to sites for preschool through third grade.
Wikiversity A Wikipedia derivative focusing on learning and teaching materials.

These links go to sites with online lessons or courses freely available to people. Guide to OpenCourseWare gives a description of OpenCourseWare, and provides several links where it can be obtained.

The links below are to sites with generators or creators of some sort, for everything from handwriting to vocabulary to math. Sites with only static resources can be found here instead.

Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker Create handwriting worksheets for Basic Print, D'Nealian Style, and Cursive.
A-Plus Math Worksheets Online and printable math worksheets for addition up to basic algebra.
Bingo Card Generator A basic bingo card generator for teachers, with options for 3x3 or 5x5 cards of words, numbers, or math.
Bingo Card Maker Another basic bingo card generator for teachers, with options for 3x3 or 5x5 cards.
Daily Printable Bingo Cards A large sample of printable bingo cards (200+) is available, one set added daily. Creation of bingo cards requires payware.
Discovery Education An online puzzlemaker - word search, crossword, math squares, etc.. A site full of printable help in many subjects and grades. Worksheet creation is limited to registered members, which requires payment.
Free Worksheets & More - Links to free worksheets and other resources.
Freeology - Worksheet Makers A word search creator and a math worksheet generator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division); they can be solved online or printed out.
Free Printable Word Scramble Puzzle Games A page full of links to printable word scramble games.
Homeschool Math - Free Math Worksheets This site has quite a few different worksheet generators for various topics in grades 1-5, as well as specifically addition, fractions, decimals, telling time, and more. Links at the bottom lead to dozens more worksheet generators.
Math Fact Cafe Free printable math worksheets and worksheet generators for elementary school. Algebra Worksheet Generator Generate free algebra worksheets with optional answer key.
Math Teachers' Assistant - Free Printable Math Practice Worksheets Generate and print math worksheets in the areas of integer, decimal, and fraction equations, solving basic algebra equations, word problems in fractions, multiplication, division, and geometry, and more!
Mathematics Computation - Free Worksheets Print out free worksheets in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and rounding. Every time the worksheet is revisited, it is regenerated, so no two worksheets are alike.
Mrs. Alphabet Website with materials for 100th day of school, holidays, alphabet and early reading, and basic math.
Noetic Learning Online Math Worksheet Creator Create free worksheets for number sense and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, and fractions.
Personal Educational Press Create free educational flashcards, game boards, and quizzes to print from your browser directly. Note: This is the best bingo card creator I have found yet, and it includes Dolch sight words in memory already, saving you from typing or copying them in. The cards are produced as pdf files, and with a pdf printer such as MagicPDF they can be saved for later reprinting as necessary.
Softschools Free math and phonics worksheets and games as well as grammar quizzes. Worksheets are auto-generated.
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator Create your own math facts worksheets, from addition and subtraction through factorial, exponents, primes, and telling time.
Telling Time Worksheets for Teachers Create worksheets to help kids learn how to tell the time.
The Math Worksheet Create free math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, telling time, and graphing. Two different hundred charts can be printed.
Worksheet Makers's free collection of worksheet makers: word searches, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and more.
Worksheet Works This is the worksheet generation site of all worksheet generation sites. From English to math to geography to more, this site offers hundreds of free generators for very specific concepts and skills in each area. It won't fit everything you need, but it certainly will try!

The links below are to educational sites for children to use.

Fact Monster From Information Please, this site has facts about the world, sports, US, people, entertainment & pop culture, science, math & money, and language & literature. There's also homework help and games & quizzes.

The links below are to sites with worksheets ready to print out. I have excluded worksheet generators from this section--they can be found here. This site has coloring pictures and pages for a great number of topics, and is organized by subject.
Enchanted Learning Though most of the material on this site requires an annual registration to access, there are some worksheets available to non-members.
English Banana Designed for ESL as well as regular students, this site has literally hundreds of worksheets with answers and notes for use, on English grammar and more.
Crayola - Free Coloring Pages Despite the seemingly education-less title, this site has pages on different topics, as well as cursive writing practice.
Garden of Praise This site has everything from grammar songs to patriotic plays to biographies for kids (complete with several worksheets to go along with each biography) to Bible-based spelling lessons.
Kidzone This site has printable worksheets available in each section for preschool through grade five. A free registration will get you access to many free worksheets in various themes, including monthly sets.
Reading A-Z Full use of materials requires payment, but free samples of guided reading, phonics, vocabulary, and fluency materials are available with submission of your e-mail address.
RHL School This site has various free worksheets in the areas of reading comprehension, math problem solving, research skills, and more.
Schoolhouse Technologies While the worksheet creation programs cost money, there are sample free worksheets available in both math and vocabulary.
Super Teacher Worksheets There are worksheets for everything from grammar, proofreading, and handwriting to spelling, geometry, and multiplication, all very nicely formatted.
Sight Word Bingo This site has a free download of a program to print the Dolch sight words in five sets of bingo cards.
The Math Lesson - free math worksheets Free worksheets are available for counting through basic division. This site has an incredible amount of worksheets for preschool through fifth grade, as well as coloring pages.

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